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Through the art of yoga we seek to reveal our own deepest nature through direct experience of our own diversity. It is a yoking of the mind and body that releases the outer layers of false self in order to understand our true nature. This ancient discipline embodies similar principles to feng shui in that both work on the concept of moving energy and aligning to a higher vibration.


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Yin Yang Fusion

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Know your body, know your mind. Supreme control over the physical self, is one path to enlightenment. The Taoists concepts of Yin and Yang describe the two qualities or energies present in everything; from our food and our bodies, to the seasons and world around us. Yin qualities can be thought of as more internal, passive, cooling and downward while Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward. We can also think of our bodies and our yoga practice in terms of Yin and Yang. In this style class, Mary Jane guides her students through dynamic, and strengthening poses working on the yang tissues for building strength and fitness while the second part of the class focuses on soothing, grounding, restorative poses that turn off the overdrive switch. The long, supportive holds in the Yin portion of the class helps the body and mind to relax and release tension, both mentally and physically while creating gentle traction and compression that helps to flush out toxins and lubricate the joints, while releasing tension in the surrounding connective tissues. This in essence helps us to discover the nature of true self.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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Vinyasa yoga is known for its dynamic, meditative and creative sequences. It explores the stillness within motion, strength within ease, and wisdom within action. The basic principle behind vinyasa yoga is linking breath with movement to uncover the layers of the true self. Each class begins by quieting the mind and body by focusing on the breath. Exploration of each asana (pose) and its impact on awakening the physical and subtle body systems guides the student to "let go" of resistance so the spirit that dwells within can emerge. A final relaxation of all body systems through guided meditation nourishes the mind, body and spirit for renewal.

Donation Yoga

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Donation yoga is Mary Jane's gift to the community as a way to de-stress and nurture the mind and body. This offering is available to any community groups or associations who would like to experience the benefits of yoga from the heart through donation only. A group of 6 or more people is suggested. Mary Jane has donated 15% of all proceeds in the past to the Seva Challenge Uganda efforts for starving children. She raised an additional 5 thousand dollars for the cause and continues to support "World Vision" for those in need. Local community donations are also an avenue of Mary Jane's interest.

Yoga for School Teachers resized

School teachers in America have one of the most difficult, important, and underappreciated jobs. Their work plays a significant role in the development of future generations. Because of their high stress jobs typically combined with a caring disposition, yoga is a perfect match. Yoga for teachers is a tremendously effective way to allow you to de-stress by creating an oasis of calm. With regular practice teachers can place all stressful issues into a more manageable context. 


"When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving the world."

B. K. S. Iyengar