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    What to pay attention to when Suzhou security guards financial deposits and withdrawals

    Release time: 2018-10-23

    Next, Suzhou Office Security Company-Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service, organizes and introduces the work precautions of security escort financial deposits and withdrawals as follows:
          1. Leaving the company
          After receiving the withdrawal notice from the financial department, the security guards take the police equipment to the financial department; after the financial officer goes out with the money, the security guard is responsible for escorting him into the car. After the special door is closed, the security guard gets on the car again and sits next to the driver. , And remind the driver to close the door of the insurance.
          2. On the way to escort
          During the escort, it is necessary for the security to remind the driver to choose a spacious boulevard, and not to stop for no reason or even take a special car. After arriving at the bank, ask the driver to park the car as close as possible to the entrance of the bank; bring the police Gu escorted the financial staff to the bank counter. While the financial staff is handling business, the security guards should also closely observe the surrounding movement.
          3. Back to the company
          After the financial staff completes the business, the security guards must escort the financial staff out of the bank, get on the car, and close the door; remind the driver again to close the door insurance; send the financial staff to the financial room and register the escort status.
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