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    What are the requirements for office security exchange classes

    Release time: 2018-10-30

     Suzhou Office Security Company--Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service, organize and introduce for you as follows:

     1. When the replacement security does not arrive, the shift security guard shall not leave the post and get off work, otherwise, if there is a problem during the period, the two security guards will be responsible; if there is no problem, they should be dealt with separately according to the punishment rules;
            2. The security guards in the office building should take over 15 minutes in advance, and the security guards should sign and confirm on the "Security Duty Record";
            3. The handover security guards must wait for the replacement security guards to patrol the control area and check and accept them before leaving get off work. The Suzhou Office Security Company tells everyone that if there are no special circumstances, the replacement security guards shall not exceed the 15-minute succession time;
            4. When changing shifts, the security guards on duty should hand over the matters to be paid attention to in the next shift on duty, the list of police equipment and other equipment or express items, and the security duty records to the successors;
            5. During the inspection and acceptance of the office building security guards, if any problems are found, the hand-over security guards shall be responsible: after the acceptance, the replacement security guards shall be responsible for the problems that occur after the hand-over security guards leave their posts. Before the handover security guard leaves the post, both parties must fill in the security duty record.
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