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    How to deal with elevator fire in Suzhou office building security

    Release time: 2018-08-30

    Suzhou Office Security Company--Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service, organize and introduce for you as follows:
          1. The security of the office building immediately reported to the fire department.
          2. In the office building, press the fire button of the elevator with fire protection function to make the fire elevator enter the fire operation state for firefighters to use; for elevators without fire protection function, immediately drive the elevator to the first floor and cut off the power supply or turn off the elevator Stop on the floor where the fire has not spread. After the passengers leave the elevator car, put the elevator in a stopped running state, close the elevator car hall door and car door by hand, and cut off the main power supply of the elevator.
          3. When a fire occurs in the hoistway or the elevator car, the office building must immediately stop the elevator to evacuate the passengers, cut off the power supply, and use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.
          4. When a fire occurs in an elevator with a shared hoistway, the office building manager should immediately stop the remaining elevators that have not yet had a fire, or leave them to the firefighters to put out the fire.
          5. When a fire occurs in an adjacent building, the elevators should also be stopped to avoid trapping accidents caused by power outages due to the fire.
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